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Dr. Lloyd Sloan Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
C.B. Powell Building Rm N272
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Welcome to the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and its unique areas of learning concentrations.  The Programmatic Interdisciplinary Major Concentrations in Interdisciplinary Studies lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and prepares students to engage personally and professionally with unique integrations of multiple traditional disciplines which together create novel and needed new preparation for tomorrow’s life and careers.

As part of Major Concentrations, students will be deeply involved in interdisciplinary learning across multiple disciplines and departments and may have the opportunity to complete an internship at a clinical, policy or research institution in the Washington, D.C. area. Students graduating from an interdisciplinary major concentration will be better prepared for a variety of careers in areas from research, to policy making, academic leadership or careers still in their formative stages of development.

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